Born in Beijing in 1990, Yang Tai started to learn piano at the age of 5 and 4 years later, she had begun to follow her teacher Ms. Huiqiao Bao - the well-known Chinese pianist - to perform on the stage in major cities in China. Yang Tai was admitted to the Music School Attached to The Central Conservatory of Music when she was 12. With her excellent results, she was referred to CCOM after graduation.  


When she was 18, Yang Tai went to The Hanover University for Music, Drama and Media (HMTMH) for further education. She studied under the famous Russian pianist and educator Prof. Vladimir Krainev and also outstanding Polos pianist Prof. Ewa Kupiec who hat remain active on the stage nowadays. Within these several years, Yang Tai received her dual master degrees in piano performance and piano education successively; meanwhile, she had also won awards in large scale piano competitions on after another 


As a pianist, Yang Tai has left her footprint in countries including China, the United States of America, Russia, Japan, Germany, Netherland, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Ukraine, Czech and Malta. She has cooperated with internationally famous orchestras to perform almost 20 piano concertos. These orchestras include Munich Symphony Orchestra, Russian Kemerovo Philharmonic Orchestra, Polish Wlastlava Chamber Orchestra, China Film Orchestra, Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra etc. 


Since 2014, beside piano performance, Yang Tai devoted herself to historical musicology research and received the master degree in musicology form the Hanover University for Musik, Drama and Media in 2018. Her thesis about the aesthetic of Stravinsky’s later ballets has received unanimous recognition in the academic filed. As a researcher of music history, she mainly focuses on music in the 20th and 21th centuries, gender studies and musical culture transmission in Eastern Asia, Northern America and Western Europe. 


In 2016, Yang Tai began her Concert Exam (postgraduate programme) in Piano Performance in The University for Music in Freiburg, Germany. She is supervised by the renowned Israeli pianist, educator and composer Prof. Gilead Mishory.


In 2013, Yang Tai cooperated with Munich Symphony Orchestra to give the world premiere of G.Verdi’s Piano Concerto in Cuvillés Theatre in Munich. 


In July 2017, Yang Tai was invited to participate in the programme production in the cultural department of German National Radio. She recorded piano solo-works of Emilie Mayer (the female German composer in the 19th century) for the music channel. This programme was broadcasted on channel of German National Radio in autumn 2017.  


Since 2019, Yang Tai studies at KU Leuven in Belgium as a Phd researcher in musicology.  


2017: 3rd of Lepthien Piano Competition in Freiburg 


2013: 2nd of "Valletta International Piano Competition“, Malta.


2012: 9 Nominations on "12. Piano Stage" in Munich.  "Public Prize“, Preis“;

          "Best Interpretation for Prokofiev“ "Virtuos 2012“ und „Junior Prize“,

          amongst other things.


2007: 3rd "Golden Bell“ musical Competition in China. 


2005: 1st and „Best Interpretation for the temporary music“ in "Cadenz Piano Competition"

           in Beijing, China. 


           1st of "TOYAMA Asia Competition" in Beijing.  


2004: Grand Prix and "Best Interpretation for Moszkowskis works“ in 7th "Vladimir Krainev

          International Competition“ in Ukraine.


          2nd in 2nd "International Chopin Competition Asia“ in Tokyo.